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St. Louis Window ReplacementIf there’s anything in the world that is important to do for your home, it’s replacing the windows. When you replace your windows, you give yourself a discount on your energy bill (up to 50%) in addition to making your home more beautiful than you thought was possible.

Many people don’t understand just how much air goes in and out of their homes through their windows regularly: up to 40%. That’s a great number if you’re talking about the nice cool breeze your windows let in during the warmer months of the year, but not if that is happening even in the colder months. Think about how great to would be to save the warm air that normally escapes during the colder months or to make sure no cold air gets in.

Also, with the glazing (both double and triple) that is available for many windows today, you can make sure that you not only save the air in your home, but the money that goes with it.

If saving energy or money is not what you are worried about, but rather the novelty of your old windows, you can stop worrying. There has never been a better time to replace those windows than now, especially with window design that can replicate your old design down to the minutest detail. There are more options for shape, size, materials used, and color than ever before.

Awning Windows

If you ever looked out your window and thought, “Ugh, I wish those bars weren’t there,” then awning windows are perfect for you. They are completely unobstructed. They also come with numerous choices of materials like pine or fiberglass.

Awning windows also add style to your home, in addition to ventilation, security, weather protection, and energy/money savings.

There is only one tiny hiccup with awning windows, and that is they need to be cleaned from the outside, which means they need to be installed in low traffic areas.

Double Hung Windows

St. Louis Window Replacement - Water LevelIf you have ever wanted a window that opens up twice, then double hung windows are for you! They open from both the top and bottom and provide exceptional ventilation. They also come in all sorts of shapes, materials, and colors, so they are very stylish.

With their ease of use, easy cleaning, and ability to fit in pretty much anywhere, double hung windows are an every man’s window. They also save on energy and help to make your home more secure.

But how do they make your home more secure? Think of a normal window like a piece of thread. With the double glaze option, you turn that thread into a nice, thick piece of rope. It’s a lot harder to break a thick piece of rope than a thread.

Bay Windows

Truly stylish, the bay window is a terrific option for anyone looking to transform their home. The bay window is made up of three windows: one big center window and two smaller windows on both sides. It really widens a room, so you can say goodbye to that feeling like you live in a box.

The most interesting aspect of bay windows is their ability to give you a quiet place to read, work, or just relax.  You can even grow a plant or two in them, or show off some new decorations you’ve purchased.

Special Shape Windows

The key word here is “special.” Special shaped windows will make you feel just that, since they are the most unique windows available. There are a near infinite variety of shapes, colors, and sizes available to make your home the talk of the town…or country. Also, if you pick the stationary model, they can last a very long time.

With the double and triple-glaze options these windows come with, they can even save lots of energy, and with that, lots of money.

Also, think of the resale value on your home if you ever decide to move.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are the most often overlooked window available, which is too bad, because they are one of the biggest space savers of all, not to mention that they open up completely and are air tight when closed, which makes them one of the best ventilating options out there. Hopper windows are unique in that they open up from the top rather than the bottom or side like most windows.

Give hopper windows a shot if you are looking for a more modern look for your home.

Picture Windows

St. Louis Window Replacement - PuttyThese windows are what dreams are made of. The reason these windows are called picture windows is because they create a picture inside your home, from both the inside and the outside. Think of movies you’ve watched where it shows a shot of a family seated at a table next to their beautiful picture window and a man or woman is carving a turkey while the family chats away. That could be you and your family!

Picture windows aren’t just for looks, though, the also keep air from circulating in and out of your home because they are nearly always closed and are air tight. A double-glaze option makes them even better because you save even more energy and therefore, money.

A lot of people look at windows like this and think, “Boy, that would be expensive to replace if it got broken,” but the truth is that these windows come with a multi-frame design option that makes it possible to replace panes when they are shattered, rather than the whole window.

One of the coolest features of picture windows, other than the beautiful pictures they create, is the ability to lighten or tint the glass to manipulate the light in the room.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are a unique type of window in that they are semicircular with four to six panels, and even though they are similar to bay windows, they have curved angles, and those angles let light in abundantly. They are also insulated heavily, so they add plenty of warmth in addition to their elegance.

If your agenda is to create the illusion that a room is bigger than it really is, these windows are for you. You can even grow plants in them if you’re the green sort.

Low emissivity is one of the features of bow windows, which makes them terrific at keeping the heat inside the home and the weather outside the home.

Round Top Windows

The most stylish homes feature round top windows. Think of any movie where you thought, “that’s a really nice house,” and that house more than likely had round top windows.

Round top windows usually sit above other windows and can be outfitted with stained glass, as well as many other types of glass, giving them a classic, medieval style look. They also come in more shapes than you could possible count.

Because round top windows can be placed nearly anywhere, they do a tremendous job of making your home look bigger than it actually is, and they save lots of space. And because they are almost always closed, they save energy.

Slider Windows

Slider windows are in style these days, and there’s good reason for it. They are easy to use, provide great ventilation, and come with weather stripping and Low-E glass design to keep the weather out and the warmth in.

Slider windows have two sashes – one is fixed and the other is mobile. The one that is mobile moves side to side.  If you are thinking, “But what if I want to move both sashes?” then you are in luck, because many manufacturers are making both sashes movable these days.

Also, with slider windows cleaning is simple, since you don’t have to be outside to clean them.

Casement Windows

St. Louis Window Replacement - FitterIf the expense of new windows has got you down, don’t worry. There is a window that will blow your mind. It’s called a casement window. The quality and style of these windows is great for a low price and they are easy to use and maintain. Not to mention they are made with strong materials.

These windows, like awning windows, keep things out of your view so that you can see the beauty of the world outside unobstructed, and because of that, they make your home seem less cluttered.

Casement windows are made to last, and they handle wear and tear like pros.

Another great thing about these windows is that they keep your house extra secure, because the only way to get in is to break the glass, which will alert the people inside. If that doesn’t make you feel more comfortable, think about the double-glaze option that is available. This option will make it even harder for someone to break in, whether someone is home or not.

Garden Windows

St. Louis Window Replacement - Garden WindowIf you ever wanted to feel like you live in a garden, then garden windows are for you. They give you the perfect opportunity to nurture small plants with lots of sunshine, while providing the feeling that you are one with nature. Not only that, but if you put plants in these windows, they will provide cleaner, fresher air for you and your whole family.

Sliding Doors

It may seem like sliding doors would be a bad idea, you know, since they’re mostly made out of glass, but you would be surprised. Sliding doors can be some of the most secure doors available these days. They come with 2 and 4-point locks, glide smoothly, are soundproof, have light control, and provide one of the best views of the outdoors you can get when the in-between blinds are open.

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